Why do we cover the soil with netting?

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Why do we cover the soil with netting?

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Anti-erosion measures, anti-erosion netting, grassing, protection against wind and water erosion on slopes in Israel

Cool way to protect soil against erosion, which is used in Israel. More than 40% of the territory of Israel is occupied by the desert. Hills are quite common even in living areas, we can see that it is absolutely necessary to protect the soil, otherwise it will either be blown away by wind or washed away by water.

Look what an interesting method is used in Israel to protect soils against erosion. Here is such a grid, and it is quite large and it is buried under the soil layer at the bottom of the hill, so that it does not sag, does not dangle. The mesh itself is quite large, so that grass can grow well through it. Plants and even large grasses could take root in the soil and put out leaves to hold the soil in place.

Only with the help of a grid you can’t hold back all the soil, you need something to grow there, in this way, with the help of sowing grasses for long-term use, a natural buffer zone is created with the help of vegetation. If the soil in not covered with any plants, then it is at increased risk of erosion destruction and weathering.

Rain and wind carry soil particles off the slopes, some of the soil is scattered in all directions, the other part is moved to the bottom under the action of gravity and water-air currents. If vegetation begins to grow on the slope it retains soil particles with its roots and green plant parts together with such a grid.

The anti-erosion mesh will partially keep the soil from eroding until the slope has a green cover. The mesh together with the plants gives more erosion resistance to the entire slope.

Notice how the anthropogenic environment is built into the erosion control grid. For example, look at the pole, it slips into these holes and does not break the fabric of the anti-erosion grid. Also advertisements are placed on such nets in Israel. Look at these white things, this is the attachment from the information and advertising messages. It is interesting to note that the anti-erosion mesh itself is matched to the color of the soil. From afar, you can't tell that the soil is covered with something. For the aesthetic design of the urban environment, such seemingly small things are extremely important. Suddenly, there is a strong wind, but now we do not have to worry about our soil on the slopes, it will stay in place due to the erosion control netting. Of course, it will be even better when the plants grow, then the soil will be completely protected. But even now it will be fine.